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What are we labeling today?



 No matter how long or complicated the list of leathers... more oil, less oil, dry, split, grain, dyed, pigskin, sheep... we can handle it. Even if it takes our manufacturing technologist one or two extra adjustments in your plant, rest assured, we will work until the label looks and performs exactly how it should.


Synthetic or textile?

 Optimized for all types of natural or synthetic fibers and meshes, this label is stone washable and high abrasion resistant. It can come decorated with your logo in any color. Even 1-D or 2-D bar codes print flawlessly and can be scanned no matter the texture of the material where you place the label—even if it hits a double needle stitch. And, of course, thin and unnoticeable—no feeling of stiff discomfort on your instep, as with thick labels using less advanced technology. 


Industrial garments?

 Through chlorine, industrial laundry, industrial ironing—our labels will stick by your side 100%. And all of our labels are mechanically bonded, using just heat and pressure, no chemical adhesives, so no harmful vapors are released to your hardworking operators and or customers, since we deliberately manufacture our labels with the same materials the food packaging industry uses. 

Made in the U.S. and D.O.D.?

DOD, Made in USA

Where are they made?

 Our labels are made in the United States of America. We run our operations with rigorous efficiency so that we can manufacture and operate on American soil while remaining profitable. 

D.O.D. Approved?

 We are D.O.D. certified and can provide all the documentation your customers require to label your boots and garments 100% D.O.D. At the same time, you can be fully confident that those labels will get there and perform just as you need them to—and be ready to be scanned afterwards.

How does it work?

Check out one of our tailored solutions making a satisfied customer look good:

Anti Counterfeit Technology


We use innovative authentication technology to help you protect your brand in a secure and cost effective manner. This will allow you and all participants in your supply chain namely employees, officials and consumers, to verify authenticity of your products when needed. From additive approaches like creating and embedding security measures to derivative approaches, using existing variations. Your brand is safe with us.

Hi-End identification products


The very best in Emblems and Tapes.

Besides bar-code labels and id tapes, we are able to bring you transfers which become part of the fabric, heat applied emblems with photographic detail, 3D printed emulations of embroidered emblems that could even have as background, the fabric pattern and color on which they are applied and more.

 Our transfers are heat-applied and have digital definition capabilities of over 1000 dpi, these are ideal for application to many fabrics, especially those used in corporate, sports and leisure wear.


Product Spotlight

Our FR lines of products offer a wide range of applications, going from workwear garments to the automotive industry.

About us?

Thermaseal, Inc.

Our family has been in the labeling industry for over 40 years. Ten years ago we decided to combine those 40+ years of experience with the latest labeling Information Technology available and we also added a manufacturing technologist to the team, with the sole intention of making sure that your product will be labeled with the best available labeling solution. 

 Thermaseal Inc. means high-end, yet affordable, quality labeling solutions. We’ve taken the next step to remain the house of quality labels that we've always been. 

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